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The following volunteers were elected on July 25, 2016 from the corporation's Membership to the Native People of Sudbury Development Corporation Board of Directors for the 2016-2017 term:


George DeLongchampAngela Nahwegahbow

Angela Nahwegahbow is a member of the Whitefish River First Nation.

Angela is honored to participate with the NPSDC Board. While growing up she lived in a Native Housing unit in Espanola. As a tenant Angela gained an appreciation for the work that the NPSDC does by providing safe and affordable housing to First Nations people.

While attending Laurentian University Angela was a volunteer Board Director of Native People of Sudbury Development Corporation from 2000 to 2005, serving in the positions of both Vice-President and Treasurer over that period of time. During that time she was also employed with the N'Swakamok Native friendship center in the CAP-C and U.M.A.Y.C programs. Angela has also worked with the Elizabeth Fry Society.

After attending Nippissing University to obtain her Bachelors of Education, Angela accepted employment at Peetabeck Academy on Fort Albany, a fly in community on the James Bay coast. There she worked and lived for 5 years teaching grade 2 and enjoying life in the Far North.

Angela returned to the Greater City of Sudbury in the latter part of 2010.


 Aaron St. Pierre 

Biography to be posted at a later date.


Bill KinoshamegD
r. Kevin FitzMaurice


Kevin FitzMaurice has been teaching in the discipline of Native Studies for the past thirteen years. He is a graduate of Trent's Indigenous Studies doctoral program and an ongoing student of Anishnaabe/Cree knowledge. Kevin began teaching as an Instructor with Trent Universities' Indigenous Studies department and is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Sudbury, Native Studies where he specializes in Canadian politics and Aboriginal peoples, Aboriginal governance, child welfare, criminal justice, urbanization, and Native critical theory. He is presently involved in community based, interdisciplinary research in the areas of housing and homelessness, urbanization, and Aboriginal governance.

Mark Kuhlberg


Biography to be posted at a later date.

Eric Nahwegahbow


Biography to be posted at a later date.


Candice Martin


Biography to be posted at a later date.


Tony Tyson


Biography to be posted at a later date.


James King-Seguin
Non-Voting Secretary

James King-Seguin, Executive Director of the corporation, was once again appointed as non-voting Secretary of the corporation for the coming year.


Anyone interested in becoming a Member of Native People of Sudbury Development Corporation can submit a letter of interest and a detailed resume to the attention of the Board of Directors for consideration. If the application is approved, a $2.00 Membership Fee will be charged. Members are advised of, and can vote at, Annual General Meetings and Special Members' Meetings. They are also mailed a copy of the corporation's quarterly newsletter.

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