Housing and Rents

Based in downtown Sudbury, Native People of Sudbury Development Corporation (NPSDC) was incorporated in 1975 with the mandate to provide social and economic welfare to persons of Indigenous ancestry by providing safe, good quality, low rental housing. The service was created to help counter the discrimination faced by persons of Indigenous ancestry when attempting to locate a decent place to live in urban centres. Having a safe, decent place to raise a family assists in promoting the well-being of individuals while they pursue employment and educational opportunities or deal with health-related issues, etc.

The non-profit charitable organization is governed by an active seven member volunteer Board of Directors. The Native People of Sudbury Development Corporation office is managed by an Executive Director who supervises a staff of three employees.

Between 1975 and 1983 the corporation purchased and was managing eleven homes in Sudbury under Section 15.1 of the National Housing Act. During the following ten years the corporation purchased and built homes under the Urban Native Housing program subsidized by the federal government and administered by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. This resulted in a total portfolio of 106 housing units, 95 of which are located Sudbury and 11 in Espanola, Ontario.

Initially, operating monies were linked to 35 year mortgages which also dictated rent calculation procedures. Maturity of the mortgages resulted in different funding arrangements and policies regarding rent calculations.